Our Mission:

Lake Murray Volleyball Club was founded in 2006 by four coaches that wanted to provide club volleyball for the players in the Irmo, Dutch Fork and Chapin area. We have expanded to include players from all over the Columbia area. Our focus is on teaching every volleyball player to play to the best of their ability. Coaches focus on technique, execution and mental focus with a strong emphasis on teamwork. Our coaches not only teach the player how to improve and perfect their volleyball game but also take the time to teach leadership skills, build character and help them grow into independent, confident and successful young adults.

The main thing that sets us apart from other clubs in our area is our sense of family. We offer many fun events throughout our season including a parent 6 v 6 volleyball competition, individual team bonding events, end of season family picnic and the seasonal favorite - our fun day. We strive to get to know each player on a personal level. We also help each girl in their recruiting process as our goal is to get each girl a college scholarship!

We hope that you will consider being a part of the Lake Murray volleyball club family!!

Come find out what we are all about.

MVPs from most recent tournament

Team 18 Red
Sam Ojedas

  • Sam Ojeda is our MVP for the Valentine‘s beach bash tournament this past weekend in Myrtle Beach. The team was in a tough spot as we only had 6 players for almost the entire first day, which meant Sam was thrown into an uncomfortable position of playing front row after learning that one of our front row players had a prior engagement she needed to attend. Sam played very smart offense and played unbelievable defense front and back row and even had a block on a girl that was at least 6 inches taller than her. Sam led the team in “3” passes and also in digs. She was also very aggressive yet consistent from the service line. Sam was the vocal and emotional leader as we struggled through the first day but came on strong on Sunday to finish 3rd in gold. Great job to Sam on her great performance in one of the toughest tournaments of the year

Team 17 Red
Gabby Mejia & Chandler Williams

  • Our team played down 3 players this past weekend and we asked several of our girls to play positions they have never played before. Gabby Meija was one of those players. She had only been playing back row as a DS for us all season and we asked her to be an all-around outside. To say that she stepped up to the challenge is an understatement!! Gabby was on fire after our first match,, which we needed to figure out rotations and such. She ended her weekend with 8 aces, 12 kills and 11 digs. Gabby was also an incredible leader on the court keeping her team in the game when they could have felt down and out. Thanks for all of your hard work and execution!! You were amazing all weekend and we are so proud of you!!
  • Having only 6 players for the whole weekend was exhausting for all of our girls but they found a way to fight through exhaustion and play better than we have seen them play all season! Chandler was moved from her usual outside position to play middle for us and she really stepped into that role like a champ!! She was our go-to hitter all weekend and ended the weekend with 27 kills, 10 aces and 9 digs. She played awesome defense as well, keeping our team in it with a couple of great digs at crucial points in matches. We are so proud of your hard work and dedication Chandler! Keep it up!


Team 16 Red
Rachel “Rocky” Martini

  • 6 kills, 2 solo blocks, 4 double blocks, 5 digs.

Team 16 Black
Georgia Summer & Jordan Green

  • We had a tough day in pool play but the entire team really came together once we made it to the playoffs. The MVP for this tournament is going to two girls that really stepped up their games at the end. Georgia Summer and Jordan Green.
  • Georgia had some really strong hits some great serving and one diving dig that was incredible. Georgia is the Captain of the team and her leadership in stepping up her game sparked the rest of the team to step up their game. Great job Georgia!
  • Jordan is always a force at the net but after pool play she really showed what a smart player she could be by seeing where the defense was not and pushing the ball to those holes. In the final match she was able to get 7 kills off of 14 attempts. Great job Jordan!


Team 15 Red
Courtney Wilson

  • Congratulations to Courtney Wilson for being 15 Red‘s MVP for the Winter Blast. With our team missing 4 players this weekend, Courtney was thrown into a new role and was a key part to helping our team win the Silver division. She was fantastic in her role as an outside hitter. Her attacks were consistent all day long and she came up with several big kills. Her serving was also the best we‘ve seen from her all year! Congratulations Courtney! Well done!

Team 15 Black
Dakota Bruccoli

  • Where do we even begin with how impressed both coaches were with Dakota’s performance at the Winter Heat tournament in Augusta?! Our team has been struggling with the flu, resulting in our other setter missing this tournament. We typically run a 6-2 rotation, but had to learn (the Thursday before the tournament) a 5-1. We briefly reviewed this previously, but haven’t had to execute it before. Dakota stepped up phenomenally, giving 200% with her hustle! Not to mention her hands were beautiful and much improved this weekend! She displayed leadership, aiding the team in knowing where they should be on each rotation. Her knowledge of the game is improving week by week, and as a captain, her leadership and dedication to the team is like no other! Great job leading your team to 2nd in Silver, Dakota! The best finish the team has had so far this season!


Team 14 Black
Ainsley Martin & Lela Sampson

  • Ainsley led the team in serving where she made 42 Aces. She even aced the last two points of of the Championship match. Ainsley has been our sole setter the past 2 tournaments due to our other setter being injured and she took this responsibility and has excelled at it. She‘s one of our captains and I can always count on her to lead the team on and off the court. Congratulations Ainsley for being such a determined athlete and for helping lead our team to a Gold Victory.
  • Lela led our team this past weekend in defense, offense and serve receive. Lela had 16 digs, 11 Kills and followed Ainsley in aces with 23. Lela always picks up balls that you least expect anyone to get to and she is constantly moving all over the court. Her ability to see the other teams offense helped us tremendously. Lela has improved so much in hitting and has been able to place the ball exactly where she needs to score for our team. Congratulations Lela on a job well done and for helping lead or team to 1st place.

Team 12 Red
Madelyn Rivers & Alivia Martin

  • This is Alivia‘s first season with Lake Murray and her first time play club volleyball. Alivia has really grown as a player and is developing confidence, as well as leadership, with every practice and tournament. She continually supports her team with positive thoughts and communicates really well on the court, whether she is a part of the play or not. This past weekend in Myrtle Beach was the best that we have seen Alivia play! She had 6 kills, stepped in to help set the ball 5 times when our setter called for help, she had 5 digs of which 3 came at a critical time in the final match, and she had only 1 reception/ball handling error on the weekend. This means that all but one of her passes were either playable or a perfect pass to target!! The 3 digs that she had in the final match were amazing and if she hadn‘t gotten the ball up, the play would have been over, potentially giving the other team the points needed to win. We constantly have to remind ourselves that Alivia just turned 10!! Her desire to improve her game, positive attitude, and being a great teammate is a true example of the wonderful player and person she is. We are so proud of you Alivia! Keep working hard as we see great things for you!
  • This is Maddy‘s second year playing with Lake Murray and is an all-around player for our team. Maddy continues to grow and push herself to improve her all-around game. There isn‘t a ball that she can‘t get to as she is that player that runs as fast as she can to get to the ball and if she needs to, she will lay out to get the ball up. She is also one of our go to hitters and her serves are something many of the adult players wouldn‘t want to pass! This weekend was no exception as this is the best that we have seen her play! Maddy had 23 kills, 28 serves with 7 aces coming in the gold playoff on Sunday, 3 digs which were key in the final match, 25 service receptions with only 6 reception/ball handling error over the weekend! Maddy is a big reason why the team won Gold on Sunday! More importantly, she kept a positive attitude and really communicated well on the court with her teammates. We believe she has a lot of potential and the sky is the limit for her! We are so proud of you Maddy and keep working hard!


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