Our Mission:

Lake Murray Volleyball Club was founded in 2006 by four coaches that wanted to provide club volleyball for the players in the Irmo, Dutch Fork and Chapin area. We have expanded to include players from all over the Columbia area. Our focus is on teaching every volleyball player to play to the best of their ability. Coaches focus on technique, execution and mental focus with a strong emphasis on teamwork. Our coaches not only teach the player how to improve and perfect their volleyball game but also take the time to teach leadership skills, build character and help them grow into independent, confident and successful young adults.

The main thing that sets us apart from other clubs in our area is our sense of family. We offer many fun events throughout our season including a parent 6 v 6 volleyball competition, individual team bonding events, end of season family picnic and the seasonal favorite - our fun day. We strive to get to know each player on a personal level. We also help each girl in their recruiting process as our goal is to get each girl a college scholarship!

We hope that you will consider being a part of the Lake Murray volleyball club family!!

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MVPs from most recent tournament

Team 18 Red
April Prijoles

  • April Prijoles is one of our liberos on our 18 Red team. She had an outstanding day at the Crosstown Throwdown tournament on Jan 30th! She played consistent and solid defense all day and was great on serve receive! April also served an incredible 19 serves in the finals with 0 missed serves and 6 aces. She is also our team captain and did a great job leading and keeping everyone motivated and working together all day!
  • We are so proud of you April! Job well done!
  • PASSING: 88%
  • DIGS: 12
  • SERVING: 95.3% - 13 aces

Team 17 Red
Marciann Greer

  • Marciann is our best all around player! Gave her all during every game.
  • She was one our most consistent servers with 5 aces!
  • She also had 7 kills and 15 great digs!


Team 15 Red
Hannah Foster

  • Her continuous encouragement, versatility, and unifying attitude helped our team stay energized while playing strong through pool play, dropping only one set, and finishing second in silver this weekend

Team 15 Black
Kayla Brookins

  • Kayla is our MVP for this tournament. Kayla plays MH for us and does an outstanding job, it seemed that everytime the other team overpassed in her direction was an automatic point for us.
  • Kayla went from only completing 50% of her serves last tournament to making 100% of her serves this tournament. Awesome improvement!
  • SERVES: 100%
  • ACES: 5
  • KILLS: 18


Team 14 Red
Gabby Brown

  • Gabby‹s serving was a key element in our success all day, and she also did a great job hitting and blocking throughout the day.
  • Way to go Gabby!

Team 14 Black
Amelia Fulp & Kaleigh Spires

  • We have two MVPs from this Saturday‘s tournament (the Crosstown Throwdown). Amelia Fulp and Kaleigh Spires were absolutely great on defense! We needed them most at the end of the day and they both came through with great serve receive passes and some awesome digs! Kaleigh served very well in our semi finals and finals match as well.
  • We are so proud of you both! They played a big role in our Bronze win. Great job ladies!


Team 13 Black
Morgan Moore & Sydney Boulware

  • Morgan has been working super hard on her serving and has come such a long way. This past weekend it truly showed as she not only scored numerous points for us with her serves, she served the match winning points in 2 of our matches. She served 8 straight points in the 3rd set of the match that led us to 2nd place in our pool. We are so proud of her. She has the most positive attitude on and off the court and always has the determination to better herself at practice. She is eager to become a better athlete overall! Way to go Morgan!!
  • Sydney constantly leads our team on the court. She has a leader‘s heart and her teammates look to her for guidance. When the team gets down, Sydney steps up and pulls them back together. A few instances this past weekend come to mind. When we were down in the second set after losing the first, during a timeout, Sydney spoke up and brought her teammates back into the game. We then went on to win the second and third sets. Although a setter, her ability to take on any position is obvious as well. Sydney put numerous balls down with her powerful arm. Her serving always leaves a lasting impression on the other teams as well...with her “too many to count aces”! We are so proud of you Sydney!!!

Team 12 Black
Ashley Brown

  • Ashley is the MVP from this tournament. She stepped up as the captain and became a real leader on the court. With whatever needed to be done she worked hard and stayed positive. She also was encouraging to her teammates and delivered consistent skills with things such as serving. I‘m proud of the way she stepped up this weekend.


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