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Lake Murray Volleyball Club was founded in 2006 by four coaches that wanted to provide club volleyball for the players in the Irmo, Dutch Fork and Chapin area. We have expanded to include players from all over the Columbia area. Our focus is on teaching every volleyball player to play to the best of their ability. Coaches focus on technique, execution and mental focus with a strong emphasis on teamwork. Our coaches not only teach the player how to improve and perfect their volleyball game but also take the time to teach leadership skills, build character and help them grow into independent, confident and successful young adults.

The main thing that sets us apart from other clubs in our area is our sense of family. We offer many fun events throughout our season including a parent 6 v 6 volleyball competition, individual team bonding events, end of season family picnic and the seasonal favorite - our fun day. We strive to get to know each player on a personal level. We also help each girl in their recruiting process as our goal is to get each girl a college scholarship!

We hope that you will consider being a part of the Lake Murray volleyball club family!!

Come find out what we are all about.

MVPs from most recent tournament

Team 18 Red
Josie Dorn

  • Our MVP for the Palmetto Regional Championships April 1-3 is Josey Dorn. Josey is an OH for our 18 Red team and played at a different level this weekend! She became a go-to hitter for our setter and found a way to put the ball down almost every time she touched it. Had very few errors and was a real force at the net. Her intensity and drive are contagious and she lead the team through example. Josey‘s serving was also very strong. If her serves weren‘t aces, they were so aggressive that they took the other team out of system. Josey will be attending North Greeenville University in the fall and we wish her the very best! Thanks for all that you have done for the team this year! We are all so proud of you!
  • Kills: 25
  • Kill %: 0.43
  • Aces: 11

Team 17 Red
Madison Dorrell & Jasmine Smith

  • We are very proud of the entire 17 Red Team who had to overcome numerous hurdles this weekend that really showed their strength of character and teamwork! We would like to acknowledge Shelby for her support and positive attitude.
  • Madison is one of our MVP‘s from the tournament. This weekend, we were forced to make the adjustment from a 6-2 offense to a 5-1; something we had not practiced ALL season! With this change, Madison rose to the challenge and showed great adaptability with a difficult situation. We are very proud of her constant drive to better herself and demonstrated great leadership skills throughout the whole weekend.
  • Jasmine is another MVP from the tournament. Jasmine really stepped-up her defense through hustle and her pursuit to not let the ball hit the floor! She came through with clutch serving and stringing together multiple points. Jasmine‘s strong presence at the net and uplifting smile are huge assets to the team.


Team 15 Red
Maisy Garner

  • Maisy‘s grit and “refuse to lose attitude” led the team with 91 digs, 22 kills and was a perfect server all weekend. Her efforts helped our team win the Open Copper Bracket.

Team 15 Black
Josie Crane

  • This was our best tournament ever, the entire played great. Josie is getting the MVP for this tournament because she really step up her game this weekend. I must have told her 2 or 3 times each day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) how great she was passing. Josie was really focused and really put everything we have been teaching her all season into her game this weekend. She was very consistent in her passing and had some amazing plays in the backrow. I have been trying to get her to be aggressive from the backrow all season and this weekend she did just that. She had some great kills from some very aggressive hits from the backrow. Great job Josie.
  • I am very proud of this team and honored to have been able to coach and get to know each of the girls and their families. Thank you so much for an amazing season.


Team 14 Red
14 Red Team

  • I could not begin to select an MVP for Regionals, so the whole team gets recognized. The team finished 6th out of 52 teams, and missed out on a national bid by two positions. Gina was rock solid as always from the setting position. Alli and Nikole did a great job defensively and had their best serve receive tournament of the season. Kaitlyn was all over the place defensively, hit the ball very consistently, and had her best serving weekend as well. Leah was huge with her serving in several matches, including a run of 12 points in a row against Magnum Elite in the Open Silver Semifinal to close out the first game. Natasa came up with a couple ridiculous athletic plays to save some key points. Evelyn turned into one of the best outside hitters in the region this year, and this weekend was a great one for her offensively. And Gabby and Julia both were great serving, hitting, and especially blocking against Magnum Aiken.
  • So proud of your season girls!! Congratulations!

Team 14 Black
Dakota Bruccoli & Kaleigh Spires

  • We have two MVPs from the Palmetto Regional Championships this past weekend.
  • Dakota Bruccoli is our setter and the heart of our team. She chases every ball without complaints and is always there for her teammates. She was put into the setting position for the first time ever this season and has really stepped up the challenge. Her sets became more and more accurate as the season went on. Dakota‘s is also an incredible server and had 12 aces for the weekend. Thank you for all of your hard work all season Dakota!!
  • Kaleigh Spires is a DS for our team and we have decided to nickname her “the broom” because she picks up everything! Her defense kept us in so many games and her serve receive passing was outstanding. Kaleigh is also a very good server and had 10 aces for the weekend. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your team. We are so proud of you!!


Team 13 Black
Ainsley Martin & Sara Pendley

  • Ainsley led our team defensively this weekend and was such a leader on the court. She was injured during playoffs on Sunday and powered through making some of the best passes I‘ve ever seen. She kept a positive attitude and has always been one to keep our team in high spirits at the toughest of times. She fought through pain and tears on Sunday but was truly one of our best players on the court all weekend.
  • Improving every tournament, Sara has done it again and was a power house at the net. Her blocking was incredible as well as her hitting. She showed so much more determination this weekend with an all or nothing attitude. She too got injured this weekend on Saturday and refused to let that prevent her from being our strongest hitter. Sara, we are so proud of the athlete you have become and through the tears you helped make our team a stronger one this weekend.

Team 12 Black
Audrey Taylor & Emma Grace Rhyne & Kalen Lance & Maddie Rivers & Kelsey Stone

  • I was really impressed by a few players at the regional tournament this past weekend.
  • Audrey did an amazing job on the net with owning it to the fullest and working hard to let the other teams know who runs it. I‘m proud of the blocks and tips that she got this weekend and how well she used everything she has learned thus far.
  • Emma Grace definitely stepped into true setter form and made sure that 2nd ball was hers. She even had some good hits and all around she was hustling everywhere. I'm so proud of how she picked up on her position and truly showed us her skill.
  • Kalen proved herself defensively with the digs she got and with all the great passes she made. She has improved greatly and even started using her hands more which is something she wasn‘t comfortable with.
  • Maddie served a strong game and kept us in it plenty of times with her great serves. She also had a strong game and I‘m glad she was our libero.
  • And then we have Kelsey, who may not get us much playing time as the others but when she did get on the court she made some great plays. Her passes were excellent and she made sure to talk. I saw a different player in her when she played this weekend and it made me extremely happy to see that.
  • The whole team did great things and I‘m super proud of them and I still can‘t believe the season is over. These were the MVP‘s that led us to power gold champs


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